Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Google Booster Usage

There are several ways to exploit this traffic source. While some clients prefer to keep their successes just to themselves,  EV runs personal experiments, as well as launched the Achievements Sharing Program to encourage sharing, and to help other clients know what Google Booster can achieve!

Below we point out the known-ways of using the Google Booster:

Cosmetic Stats Boost

Traffic with low bounce rate, long duration time on site, high pageviews, as well as potential visitors clicking on your ads?

Obtain these excellent statistic for your website, and showcase it to gain popularity:

*IMPORTANT* For Adsense

* Google Booster- No Ad Fraud Detection in Place. (Tip: If you intend to use this tier for Adsense, a recommended plugin to protect against Ad Fraud is the Adsense Click Fraud Monitoring Plugin.)      -Google Booster uses the Low Tier.

I want you to really listen up to our genuine advice, on this popular misconception over Adsense:

There is NO 100% guarantee, when it comes to Adsense and "Paid Traffic".

Keep this in mind always, and anyone who is telling you otherwise, is most likely trying to make a quick buck out of you. The term "Adsense-safe traffic" is overly abused by many independent traffic providers.

We all know it is the "IM dream" to buy traffic and send it to your Adsense site, and then watch the money rolling it. Easy life right?

However, it is obviously not that straightforward in reality, and you need to apply a workable technique to watch the figures rolling in.

Proven techniques: (as per observed from successful campaigns last 5 years) 

Have a SEO plan

You are encouraged to build up more organic traffic on your site. It totally helps to keep your Adsense account healthy, and you will have less chance of having your Adsense earnings shaved. 

Keep the numbers realistic

Send in 1,000 visits daily to a brand new site? Wow, $20 earnings daily! Alarm raised, and account banned. You do not wish to happen do you? We always recommend you to start low, and once you successfully receive your first pay cheque, you can start to raise the number alittle higher.

Adsense account age matters

Brand new accounts risk of getting banned is high. We advice you to count on safe ways to generate that first pay cheque first, before attempting to boost up the earnings.

Invest in high tier if possible

High tier traffic is expensive, but for a reason. We had 50+ beta testers experimented with this traffic since May 2015, and with good results- minimal shaving, and 0% rate of getting banned!

Experiment, Experiment, Experiments !

You could learn from our successful clients. They did alot of testings before they find a winner!

For Chikita

We do have clients having success with Chikita. Check the homepage "Achievements Sharing" to find screenshots for Chikita earnings report.

(Page will be updated regularly. Last edit 01-09-2015)

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