Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What Mindset, In Order To Enjoy This Great Service

Our tips for you are, as long as you come in with the right mindset, you’ll enjoy this traffic service. Try the following:  

- Test this traffic source, make tweaks and positive changes when necessary, and not expect any success in return at first.  This goes for all traffic providers.

- Rely on a working traffic source like ours that can generate you income passively for the long haul.

- Your aim is to find a successful money-making model. You want to be earning with the model consistently without any troubles to your Adsense account. We understand all of these aspects.  

-This is why you need to remind yourself that your goal is a long-term goal and all businesses and goals begin this way.  TEST TEST TEST and you WILL find the model that works for you.

-Make tweaks when necessary, and use the coaching service if needed

Monday, October 12, 2015

Adsense Booster How it Works

The causes for invalid clicks on Adsense are as per highlighted by Google:

Our traffic is obtained in raw form from the content network, therefore it is exposed to several forms of artificial inflation by our publishers. Ad Fraud detection always consumes high resources, and is thereby never easy to eliminate it. Google around, and you can see billions of dollars being lost due to Ad Fraud.

This is the reason we now launch our new service "Adsense Booster", which is traffic with expensive Ad Fraud protection in place to protect your Adsense account from invalid activity.

Basic Tier- Decent Ad Fraud Detection in Place.

Advance Tier- Using the latest Ad Fraud Detection technology in the market.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Keep Good Performance Campaigns Going !

Found a Campaign with High Clicks/ Excellent Stats (HCES)? - Congratulations ! 

Unfortunately, not all EV clients find the best results with their campaigns. Some of them might be experiencing low clicks, or poor stats. However, you can improve your chances of HCES by improving the overall quality of your site, and sometimes just due to ladyluck knocking on your door.

I will not be giving out tutorials here to improve your overall site quality, as these tutorials can be found anywhere in the net. 

Sometimes, you might find a gem campaign which is experiencing HCES. This happens when our auto matching keywords script find keywords that visitor type-in related to your sites that causes you to get more relevant audiences from our content networks. These audiences tend to stay longer on your site, and do more clicking. Higher quality as a whole, due to more targeted audience. This also can be due to your site being in high quality form. 

What should you do when you findout a campaign is experiencing HCES ?

You might want to extend your campaign, and prevent it from going to "completed" status to enjoy the higher possibility of same results. This is because, once an order goes to "completed" status, we delete the campaign off from our servers immediately. Even if you start a new campaign with the same exact details as before, you might not experience the same success due to a completely new traffic network being assigned to your campaign.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Top 3 Reasons Why You Did Not Receive Full Visits

The top 3 reasons why 95% of EV Client did not receive their full visits:

- Hosting
- Hosting.. !
- Hosting...!!!

If you do read up the news in your client panel: 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What Niches Are The BEST Paying With Adsense/ Chikita (or other Adnetworks)?

Back then, http://www.siteadwiki.com/2013/07/chitika-high-paying-cpm-keyword-niche.html stated that

Chitika focus niches like Insurance, Computers, Plasma TV,and you will earn much more than this - $200."

For now, to always get the latest news and tips, use Google as your friendly assistant. 

Old sites are useless as techniques and strategies keep changing, so does niches and keywords. You want to be getting the latest tips. Do the following to ensure you always get the latest info:

Sort by "Past month". 

It's that simple. :)

Google Booster- Useful Tips (Table of Content)

What Are The Best Ads Positions for High CTR?

Here we share a screenshot of the best Ads location of our best paying website so far: